Promoting Good Will: An Essential Part of Higher Education Marketing


Promoting Good Will: An Essential Part of Higher Education Marketing

There is an indisputable bond between Marketing and Public Relations, not only within the realm of Higher Education, but within the business community at large. Your marketing results are invariably supported by your public image, so your marketing strategy should always incorporate a well-defined Public Relations approach.

One of the key goals of Public Relations is the promotion of “good will”. In fact, while researching the definition of Public Relations, most results referenced this concept as exemplified in this offering from

Public Relations – noun – the actions of a corporation, store, government, individual, etc., in promoting goodwill between itself and the public, the community, employees, customers, etc.


In the Higher Education sector, the importance of marketing and promoting goodwill is, and should be, a key focus element as an institutional goal.

Considering the role of Education as a socioeconomic equalizer, workforce supporter and economic driver, the societal impact of this sector is undeniable. Establishing your institution as a purveyor of goodwill and community support is not only consistent with the very tenets of Education, it is also good for business.

Let’s not even consider tax deductions, the low-hanging fiscal fruit of charitable giving or fundraising. The long term and most satisfying results of marketing good will are represented by solidifying a positive institutional image within your community, and establishing yourself as a “change agent” not only for the students that you service, but for the community in which you serve.

In our turbulent world and social landscape, there are numerous opportunities for Higher Ed institutions to adopt causes, support charitable organizations or furnish “hands-on” resources which promote goodwill locally, and supplement your organizational mission. Once you have identified where you want to make your goodwill impact, it is important to cultivate a committed institutional “buy in” and to promote your involvement on every marketing platform that you employ.

People want to be associated with positive and well regarded organizations. From prospective students to prospective staff and faculty, enhancing your public image through these altruistic endeavors elevates you from just another school, to a Higher Education leader with a proven commitment to social entrepreneurship.

Your commitment to “goodwill hunting” may emerge as the key differentiator between you and your competition. Marketing agencies that understand the importance of this public image enhancement are your most important ally in cultivating improved results for your institution far beyond your next class start. We are that agency; we are Tribeca Marketing Group.

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