Dear Laurie


Dear Laurie,

I was just hired as an Account Manager for a marketing agency. As a novice to this role, what is your best advice for meeting client expectations?


New Account Manager

Hello New Account Manager,

Great question and congratulations on your new position!

First thing first: don’t just meet your clients’ expectations, exceed them. When interacting with your clients, think about every first date you have been on. What do they have in common? The other person seems to always be going above and beyond to make a great impression, maybe bringing flowers, opening doors, being so attentive and focused on you. By the third or fourth date, things might start getting more “comfortable”, and your date a bit complacent. Those small gestures so spontaneous on the first date are phasing out. The edge gets gradually diluted.

Interaction with your clients should always feel like a first date: focused, attentive, courteous, upbeat, joyful. The attitude sets the tone and better opens the lines of communication.

Second, and just as important: consistency in communication and delivery should be maintained from the first interaction with your client.

When communicating via email for example, there are a few, but very simple practices that are often overlooked. Start off your email with a friendly opener, rather than immediately with your question or response. This helps to create a relationship that isn’t based solely on questions and answers about the account. Also, always make sure you reread your emails for typos and punctuation. Spell check can only help you spell, but doesn’t really help your grammar. As you begin to interact with your clients through email, phone and in person, you will become accustomed to their personalities and expectations. Understanding these elements will help you anticipate their needs to better service the account.

For example, you may be sending your client a weekly report. This particular client has a preference for only seeing the bottom line numbers (spend, lead count etc.) instead of an analysis of the data. You then adapt your report to show only spends and lead counts. You as the Account Manager are providing the client with what they requested, based on previous interactions. Flexibility in your reporting is also demonstrated here as not all clients want to see their data the same way.

And third, my personal rule of thumb: “Under promise, over deliver”. As you are being consistent in what you provide to your clients, make sure you do not become complacent. If you receive an email on Monday from a client regarding a report, reply immediately to let them know when they can expect it. If you know you can have the report completed by Tuesday, let them know you will have it on Wednesday. This gives you time to produce a detail-oriented report that exceeds their expectations and ultimately have it to them before the deadline you gave.

I hope that by following these practices you will be off to a great start in your new career as an Account Manager. And remember: make every interaction with the client, the “first date”.

Until next time!


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