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Dear Laurie,

As an account manager, how do you help your clients determine and deploy an appropriate yearly Marketing plan?

Budget Builder


Hello Budget Builder!

Building a marketing plan can be a daunting process. The majority believe that Marketing is creating taglines and slogans for branding concepts… however marketing is metrics! As account managers, we are constantly analyzing the current media buy and its results. The key to creating a solid Marketing plan is using these results, and comparing them to future goals and budgets.

Allow yourself at least two months of development prior to deploying your plan. Creating a budget involves many decision makers who may have different views of the final plan.

First, you want to evaluate if your next fiscal year’s budget is able to provide the amount of traffic you need in order to reach your revenue goal. You do this by analyzing your current fiscal year’s budget and results. If you are on target, then you can begin building the plan. If you find that you are unable to get to your goal with the budget provided, it is time to reevaluate your goals… or your budget.

When creating your plan, remember that it will involve multiple components of marketing:

  • Paid Advertising (generating direct response inquiries)
  • Branding (building your brand recognition and authority)
  • Technology (supporting tracking, attribution, as well as lead and contact management)

Typically you will spend more in Paid Advertising as this is where you will see direct response. Your Branding will be used as a support to your Paid Advertising. Technology is a key component that will subsequently capture, track and measure your paid advertising and branding.

Having an agency is a critical element in building a comprehensive marketing plan. An agency, such as Tribeca Marketing Group, can objectively evaluate the ROI as it relates to the marketing channels employed.

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