Dear Laurie


Dear Laurie,

My company has hired a Marketing Agency, and we were assigned an Account Manager. This is the first time I will be working with someone outside of our company who will be directly contributing to our outcomes. How I can get the most out of my Account Manager and this new relationship?


Cautious Client

Hello Cautious Client,

The first thing to remember about your Account Manager is that this person is an extension of your team. Their main role is to make sure communication is clear, deadlines are met and results are exceeded.

Your Account Manager will most likely set up a weekly or monthly call to keep consistency in communication. It is very important that these lines of communication are regularly executed. When calls are missed, it can become difficult for your Account Manager to provide superior service to you and the campaign itself, as they require constant feedback regarding the outcomes of the services that are being provided.

Account Managers know that their clients are usually busy, so an email can present a quick question faster than playing phone tag. This does not mean you will be receiving ten emails a day, but typically when you do receive an email it will contain an important question or report that is time sensitive. For example, you may receive a weekly report which has information in it that affects the direction of your campaign. As we know, timing is crucial in the Marketing world and revising the strategic approach can be the difference between good outcomes and great ones.

As you said, the Account Manager will be directly contributing to the outcomes of your company, so allow your Account Manager to be a participant in your success.

Until next time!


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