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Proprietary Technology: LMS, CRM, and Call Center Resources

As part of the Rolon Group, Tribeca benefits from privileged Technology partnerships with Rolon Group sister companies including the Ynot? all-in-one Lead Management System and CRM.


Granular AND Holistic Data Collection – Ynot?

Tribeca Marketing Group channels 100% of the inquiries coming from the agency-managed marketing channels into one central Lead Management System. Ynot is a cloud-based system that can manage all your inquiries, calls, budget, pacing, marketing performance and admissions performance “under one roof”, with one comprehensive tool.  Ynot’s uber user-friendly, permission-based login system offers you the security you want, while giving your team the access they need to get the job done.

It can easily integrate with your current system and push inquiries into it, receive manually entered inquiries back (walk-ins or referrals, for example) in order to create comprehensive reports, and be used as little or as much as you choose.

  •  100% of inquiries in One System
  • Call Tracking, Recording & Monitoring
  • Volume, Spend, Pacing and Performance Reports
  • Validation and Disposition
  • Customizable Customer Relationship Management System (CRM)

This integration eliminates duplicate entries and streamlines efforts to accept data from multiple sources into one centralized, user-friendly environment.

Your designated team members receive permission-based log-ins allowing access to their individual campus’ data, including call recordings. Inquiry validation may be performed directly into the system, or sent to your Account Manager via spreadsheet for processing.

Ynot offers the team a bird-eye perspective of the overall marketing performance, as well as a very granular view into each individual campaign, by media type, location, program, or even by individual vendor.

Contact Tribeca Marketing Group today to set-up a free Ynot demo! contactus@tribeca or 954-800-6501

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