Company Culture 101


Let’s face it: no one truly enjoys 100% of our work environment. Mixed personalities, close quarters, conflicting opinions, or that foul-smelling lunch reheated in the office microwave… Most of us would sometimes rather shut our office door, turn up Pandora in the headphones, and drone out our co-workers.

Sounds familiar?

All is not lost! There are ways to improve upon relationships and work place atmosphere: it is called Company Culture. I actually feel privileged to expound upon my place of employment, my second home away from home: Tribeca Marketing Group. We are not perfect but then again, we don’t try to be: that would be setting ourselves up for failure. Our offices are spacious, fun and modern, on the 2nd floor of a bank in a hip little beach town in South Florida. We cultivate a kind of culture that makes us a bit different, and we like it that way. I remember traveling to a partner summit where our team was placed around a table with 2 other agencies, all of us reporting on different services for this one particular client. It could have been a tense environment as of course, there is competition among Agencies… However, after the summit, one of the other agency leaders actually commented on our relationship. I believe his words were something to the effect of, “you guys seem like you have a great team, enjoy working with each other, and you’re on top of your stuff.” It made us feel so warm and fuzzy inside, knowing that what we strive to build within our company culture actually shows to an outsider looking in.

Building a Culture: Every single individual working within an organization has the opportunity to build company culture. It is true that the company’s leaders are the initiators, but it is the employees who nurture and expand on that vision. Culture is the foundation upon which your company is built. Culture is your company, your brand, your image… you. The way your employees compose and write emails, the tone of the daily interaction with one another, with the clients and vendors, the look of a report, the music playing in the hallway, your basic hiring fundamentals, these are all part of your company’s culture. Culture involves all aspects of the business. It is tedious work, but necessary work. The more you shape your company culture, the more you shape the success of your company. Newcomers will feel welcomed by this culture, and old-timers will be instilled with this culture to pass on to others. Your prospective employees will start coming in with the attitude, “I want to work here because I love their work culture.”

Maintaining a good culture: That resume may look perfect, the interview went well, but does that person fit your company culture? Will they fit in among your team to form a positive cohesive relationship for your current employees and clients? That person is probably weighing the same factors you are. Is this a good workplace for me? Will I enjoy my time here while striving to achieve the best results possible for this company? Hiring the right personality is just as important as hiring the right skills set.

As a leader, you can ask yourself the following questions to better gauge your company culture:

  1. Do I maintain high quality people, or do I seem to be looking for replacements time and again due to high turnover?
  2. Are all my employees on the same page? Do they understand what this company is all about?
  3. Do my employees talk positively about the company, even after moving on?
  4. Do my employees speak up when something is wrong, or something is bothering them?

Every company culture is unique in its own way. At Tribeca for example, we enjoy playing happy music, we work fast, crack random jokes throughout the day, and don’t need to go over processes many times for everyone to just “get it.” It’s there, part of our daily routine. We don’t need to be reminded of it because it is a natural process that works for us. Our daily grind is intense and requires mad multi-tasking skills, but we offset the challenges with the culture we have formed amongst ourselves. We love what we do and focus on staying positive, one day at a time, trusting that our clients perceive the same high energy and happiness that define us as a team.

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