Best Practices in Improving Your Prospect Contact Rates


In Admissions, one of the most important tools in our toolbox is Contact Discipline.

Admission Directors and Managers spend countless hours training individuals on effective telephone and contact techniques. A consistent topic in the area of contact discipline is time management. It is through time management that our teams become more efficient in making those important calls that help your institution connect with the student prospects who have requested information and help.

Time Management challenges are often manifested in the best professionals on an Admissions team. Their effectiveness in appointment setting and interview rate can ultimately compromise the time that they spend actually making contact attempts. Being strategic with managing contact time becomes even more imperative for the Admissions professional spending a significant time of their day actually interviewing, touring the campus and enrolling students.

Contact discipline is the ultimate way to efficiently manage the time in which an Admissions professional has to make those crucial initial contacts. An important element of contact discipline is ensuring that contact attempts are staggered so that you have a greater opportunity of reaching the prospective student. Many of the inquiries that an Admissions professional receives come from working individuals who may not be available during typical 9 to 5 hours. In order to maximize the contact opportunity for these prospective students, a contact attempt schedule that includes call later in the evening or on the weekend may be necessary.

In addition to telephone calls, texting and emails also represent contact methods that should be employed in order to increase your prospect contact rates. In today’s digital age, sometimes prospects want to connect on a medium that is consistent with the medium on which they inquired. For example, a prospective student may have seen a display ad about the school on a Social Media page. Once they clicked on the ad, they were driven to a landing page where they filled out a contact form. Every aspect of the prospect’s initial inquiry generation was executed on a digital platform. The Admissions professional who is following up on this inquiry would be prudent to attempt text and email contact, along with the telephone.


The real benefit of telephone contact is the ability to interact. Though in some cases, text or email may be more effective in initiating contact, having the opportunity to have a real dialogue is best facilitated through the telephone. Ideally, having Admissions professionals that can dedicate flexible schedules during the week and weekends to phone calls and inquiry interaction is the best way to nurture enrollment opportunities. If you have a small Admissions team, or find that with interviews, meetings and other enrollment activities are taking away substantial phone time; what do you do?

Outsourcing inbound and outbound call centers is a solution that can help campuses of any size truly service their inquiries at the highest level with uncompromised Contact Discipline.

Within the Rolon Group of integrated marketing solutions for higher education, RolCall has served in this vital role for a variety of clients. RolCall is a contact center developed and managed by admissions professionals who understand the daily challenges of enrollment management and execution. RolCall alleviates time constraints within the admissions dynamic by doing the “heavy lifting”. RolCall is a team of agents who spend their time making calls throughout the day in order to make contact with future graduates with a true interest in engaging with the client institution.

RolCall knows that admissions professionals who love what they do want to spend their time actually helping people. When individuals are happy on the team because they are doing what they love, everyone wins. The biggest winners are the future graduates.

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