Performance AND Compliance

Call Center compliance is critical in today’s environment. Our rigorously trained, U.S.-based Call Center personnel can augment your in-house calling efforts and connect prospective students directly to your Admissions Team. In addition, RolCall makes maintaining accurate and complete records of calls and call performance easy and dependable.

All your call logs, recordings, dispositions and reports are hosted in the cloud-based, responsive, and permission-restricted Ynot system.

RolCall gives you the power of an internal Call Center
without the expense of building, training and managing one.

Here are just some of the ways you can use RolCall to augment your efforts:

  • Contacting new inquiries to warm transfer to your school or to set appointments
  • Contacting older inquires that are no longer being serviced by your Admissions team • Retention campaigns • Graduate placement verification
  • Student, graduate and employer surveys
  • Collections increase your Admissions capacity seasonally as needed
  • Feasibility studies
  • Data integrity
  • After hours calls
  • So much more….

We’ll handle all the training! Our Account Management team will work to understand your goals, culture and the information that needs to be communicated. From that meeting, our team will train the call center team to work as an extension of your internal efforts. Our Supervisors and Quality Specialists are highly trained in monitoring and coaching techniques.

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