Marketing and Admissions Coaching

What can MAC do for you?

Generating improved outcomes from your Marketing and Admissions investment is a strategic imperative in Higher Education. Even with the assistance of an agency, marketing consultants and strong Admissions leadership, supplemental coaching from an industry-experienced team of Higher Education specialists can be the key factor in taking your marketing and admissions performance from good to great.

With multiple decades of Higher Education ownership and administrative experience, Tribeca Marketing Group is fully equipped to offer institutions of all sizes the benefits of our collective knowledge. Through MAC, we leverage our understanding of integrated marketing strategy in conjunction with our Higher Education Admissions and Campus Operations knowledge, to provide coaching and training services for all sectors of Higher Education

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Managing campus operations is like juggling: Lose focus, and you can drop the ball. To achieve the highest level of operational and fiscal performance, dropping the ball is not an option. With MAC, you can continue to focus on the daily management of your institution, while ensuring that you have a seasoned and knowledgeable coach in your corner to support and maximize your efforts. MAC Higher Education coaching areas include:

  • Campus Leadership Development
  • Building Effective Marketing Budgets
  • Staff Management: Reduced Turnover and Improved Productivity
  • Structuring Admissions Teams and Protocols
  • Creating Enrollment and Retention Effective Campus Cultures
  • Analyzing and Improving Institutional Outcomes
  • Institutional Brand Building
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MAC is able to offer full or custom training programs to institutions focused on supporting their teams with the tools needed to raise their level of performance in a variety of areas. A consistent regimen of professional development activities and training, represent a strategic investment for Higher Education institutions intent on gaining an edge in an increasingly competitive market. Supported by our practical knowledge of campus operations, and utilizing interactive instructional techniques; effective Higher Education training begins and ends with MAC. Our training area specialties include:

  • How to Properly Service and Nurture Inquiries by Marketing Channel
  • Enrollment-Focused Teambuilding
  • Overcoming Conversion Challenges
  • Effectively Generating PDLs/Referrals
  • Interdepartmental Brand and Mission Support
  • Servicing Today’s Student with Confidence and Compliance
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