Meet Your Target Demo Halfway


One of the most vital ingredients in creating –and maintaining — engaging content on your Social Media pages is your staff’s and faculty’s participation.  “Filler” contents (inspirational quotes, games, etc) can only go so far.

The substance of your page must be images, events and announcements coming directly from your institution.  Your students want to see themselves on your pages, and are more likely to share with their friends and families events they participated in.  A rich campus life illustrated by fun classroom activities, community service events and ongoing informational posts is most likely to attract prospective students to your door.  Tribeca Marketing Group will work with your team to ensure that the right material is sent to us for posting, adjust and reformat what we receive, check it for compliance issues, constantly engage with the team to ensure enough is being generated, and post across all your pages.

Encourage referrals

  • Collaborating with your team to get on-campus participation
  • Training internal staff to also be contributors
  • Generating ideas for events at the campus level
  • Responding to inquiries or negative comments, and forwarding them to your designated campus liaisons
  • Ensuring balance between all locations for multi-locations institutions

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